Know the Hidden Costs for Trade Show Displays

With trade show display portals taking centerstage, increased competition has led to a downslide in the prices of portable display units. As per a report, in the last decade itself, the prices of these items have reduced by a whopping 50 percent. Given this, trade show exhibitors are saving huge bundles by investing in pop ups and displays for showing their brands in the most impressive of ways. The money thus saved is being utilized for renting floor space, getting flyers and other promotional materials published, or merely increasing the profit figures of the company in question. However, there are certain hidden costs related to trade show display outright purchases that are outlined below. Take a look.

These hidden costs can be categorized in three broad brackets, out of which two are long-term and one upfront. The upfront cost lies in the initial purchase. On the other hand, the long-term costs pertain to shipping costs, maintenance costs and updating costs. Prior and proper understanding of these hidden costs goes a long way in getting on top of them in case you are planning trade show buys such as 20 x 20 trade show displays for an upcoming event.

Earlier, local display dealers monopolized the markets and controlled the prices of trade show display products. In the current scenario, with online shopping and specialized portals coming into the fray, exhibitors are by passing local dealers and buying the same displays at much cheaper prices. There is no dearth of companies dealing in trade show displays, thereby adding to the variety and overall range of display products that are up for grabs. Most of these companies offer convenient purchase and shipping options to bring the exhibit portable displays to your doorstep.

The catch lies in falling prey to low-quality and chap products that are available in abundance on the web. They are to be avoided at all costs to ensure success at trade shows. Steer clear of nonfunctional and easily broken booth displays as they can render your efforts worthless. The same rings true for overpriced wobbling or frayed units that can tear into the brand image of your organization. It is essential that you check out the product quality and all specifications before ordering the trade show displays; the act will ensure more business and smoother booth traffic for your efforts.

Shipping costs and maintenance

Shipping display products from one trade show to the other is likely to increase every year for obvious reasons. The same goes for the costs related to the upkeep and maintenance of purchased pop-up” style and other display units. Be it for updating, upkeep or general maintenance purposes, the hidden costs have to be considered wisely – purchase accordingly.

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