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If you are spending time and money to publish great content, make sure and set aside some money to promote the content. There is some great services out there that will get you some quality exposure for a fair price. The typical sharing on your social networks will help but professional content distribution is another level.

The top two Content distribution we found are:

These place your content alongside relevant content on some of the largest websites in the world like EuroSport, Dailymail, Tribune, Bloomberg, MSN, NBC, The Weather Channel, Business Insider, USA Today, AOL, TMZ, and many more.

There is a $10 daily minimum and the low pay per click is 0.42 cents. We lowered our test campaign to .10 cents and it seemed to take it.

The checkout process is fast and doesn’t say any fees being charged. Hopefully the $10 a day charge is done day to day or with our permission before pre-purchasing days. It could really add up!

We also had a huge web design crush, they really went all out of a great looking website.

One issue it doesn’t allow you see what your blog looks like on other sites. Outbrain allows you add any main image you want. We still have no idea what people are seeing.

Also places your content alongside relevant topics on some of the largest websites in the world. We couldn’t find a list of top publishers. We did find that they charge $20 a day minimum. I find this surprising considering this would eliminate over 80% of most small businesses.

Once you sign up and verify everything the admin section is really clean. We loved how you can see the ad right away and change the image if it doesn’t auto add one.

Bottom line

If you want to do the lowest price promotion possible start with Taboola, $10 a day is as low as you are going to get. At $300 a month, that’s a lot top promote a blog post so make sure you have some good content, keep your heading and preview enticing, and you should get some large traffic boosts!


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