9 solid ways to promote your small business online for under $300

Online Marketing can be a convoluted dark forest of random ideas and offers with no real direction. Even the though most seasoned marketer can get lost in new trends and offers that seem like they are well worth the cash. I just wanted to add an article to show the most concrete options for under $300. These should be timeless and have a solid ROI.

Have you ever checked out a website than you go check your social network or favorite forum and all of the sudden you see banners for them? This is called re-targeting and is handled by Google Adwords. $300 is just going to get you in the door, these campaigns normally run around $2000 a month.

Custom Email Templates
Having an email list can be great depending on your base and marketing efforts, but sending a boring text email or outdated design will cut off a large percentage of conversions. For about $50 you can get a really nice template at Themeforest. WebHost.Pro has some for free for their hosting clients as well. Having a fun modern template will not only increase your conversions it will create more professional image that will resonate with your audience.

Create Promotional Video
Jump on over to Fiverr.com (Sign up from this link for $5 free) and search for marketing videos. You’ll see some nice templates that you can have customized for about $50. If you’re will to spend $200 you can get some really amazing quality videos for promoting your business.

Add an Affiliate Program
There is hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers out there and some can sell your product more than campaigns and videos. They’ll want to be compensated will but with a good affiliate program you can pay them for the new customers and and break even after a couple months. Factor that with the branding and you have a win / win. We suggest IDEVAffiliate to get started with. The software costs about $200-$400.

Pay Per Click with Adwords
In my experience there is no better ROI than Adwords. Simply because people are searching in Google looking to make a purchase. Social networks, forums, ect.. tend to cater more to browsers or people that just have an interest. When people are ready to pull out a card and get started they hit Google and start researching. My tip here is to get specific, vague terms are over saturated. Most average companies spend about $500 a month.

Hire Social Media Influencers
This is one of the best new ways to get your business out there. Every industry now has some dominate influencers. Track down the best ones for your industry and start negotiating. Post and mentions can run as low as $20 and goes up to $20k depending on how many people will be influenced.

Roll out a Facebook ad campaign
Facebook is the harder campaign to convert from but it’s one of the lowest prices for views you can get. Target people locally to your business and you can get a pretty close ROI and a lot of branding. Average business spend about $200 a month on Facebook ads.

Start a YouTube campaign
You’ll need some nice videos to start this so the price can get up there depending on that and the campaign. With the right video you can get amazing ROI and branding and fast sales. People can bypass the video after 3 seconds so get the good stuff in quick. This is the high end for marketing on this post. You’ll want to get at least $300 a month for this plus a good video.

Make a PDF and get it away free
People on the Internet love free stuff. Especially if it makes their life better. If you’re a jewelry maker than make a PDF to make your own jewelry and make a friend and future customer for more advanced stuff. If you are a writer give away a short story. If you are a SEO specialist give away some free tips. You get the picture here. If you make it good, you’ll get a new friend/customer and an email for contacting later on.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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