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Side hustles that can turn into full time money

Side hustles can help people with full time jobs, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, freelancers, to pretty much everyone that wants some extra cash. There is hundreds if not thousands of side jobs you can do on your own to make a couple bucks. I wanted to bring up a couple that can go from hobby, to side hustle, to full time income.

Web Design
Sure everyone’s cousin builds websites now but a business that has money on the line wants a good one. One that’s clean, modern, and responsive. This opens the door for reasonably priced web designers to get long term clients. Most businesses pay about $300-$1500 for the initial web design and $50 for each website update. Google has some good Web Design Tips here.

Graphic Design
Like web design, people can try to make some nice flyers or business cards online but when you want do it right you need a pro. Graphic designers normally charge $30 an hour (even if it takes 15 minutes). If you do a good job you’ll become your customers go to for new promotional design jobs. Start on Fiverr for some quick clients, this will help you get a feel for the process. Then build your own website with some great samples and a way to pay online like PayPal.

Handy Man
You know what most people don’t like to do? Fix their broken house. In fact renting high end apartments has been slowly growing faster than house buyers just because it is managed for total peace of mind. Having your own piece of the world is a great feeling, but the argument is if it’s better than not worrying about house issues? That’s where a good handyman comes in. If you can fix almost anything in a house, you could be the gap that lets home owners be owners and not have to worry about their house’s issues.

When I was growing up no one even have landscapers. We also had to walk up hours of snow just to get to school. If you needed something trimmed you did it yourself or hired the neighbors kids. Now-A-Days no one is doing either of these. They want someone once a week to come in and handle it all. If you can stack up 10 of these clients you’ll be looking at at least $2k a month.

Book keeping and taxes
Do you know what tax laws changed last year? Neither do I, but I can tell you I’m supposed to get more money back from all the TV hoopla. That’s why people need a book keeper and tax person (which could be both). They spend the time to learn what’s new and have the skills to keep it all together. Charge $30-$500 for tax preparations and book keeping can cost as much as $2k a month for bigger businesses. Special bonus.. summers off!

Event Planning
Have a knack for get-togethers and parties? Event planners are becoming more and more in demand. As businesses get more competition because well there is more and more people, they realize that they need to do more interesting things to stand out. From wine tastings at stores to Farmer’s markets, to full events. Making a career setting up events will see an exponential growth.

Web Hosting Reseller
Selling web hosting is pretty simple. If someone needs a website they get it from you if you have a decent site and they like you of course. Most web hosting resellers make a couple hundred a month, but some take it to the next level and brand their own company eventually building up to $10-$30k a month. The trick is to build a brand and grow with your customers to having your own servers someday.

Personal Fitness Trainer
I’ve noticed there is three reasons people choose the trainer they have. I’m pretty sure the most popular way people choose a trainer is because they think the other is hot. How many house wives have some ripped guy showing them how to do squats. (You just squat down) Next, probably is the person looks how customer wants to look. And third, it’s a good price and they seem like someone they can work with. Some trainers can make up to $80 an hour or more. I would suggest starting at $30 an hour and work your prices up as you get better at it.

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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