Top Misconceptions about Recruiting Agencies

The recruiting agencies make life much easier for candidates searching for a job. But, many candidates are skeptical about working with recruiting agencies. They think that it is better for them to keep on sending their CV to individual employers. We know how tough it is to hunt a job in the vast employment sector without taking a help from professional recruiters.

So, we intend to debunk some most common misconceptions about the recruitment agencies. Read the truths yourself and then decide whether you should work with a recruitment agency or not.

Myth: Recruitment agencies have many hidden charges

Truth: The services of the recruitment agencies are absolutely free of cost for the candidates. These agencies get paid only when they place the right candidate to the right job. And, in most cases, the charges and commission are taken from the employer and not the employee. If you find a recruiting agency asking for a fee or subscription charge for their database, know that you are dealing with a fraud.

Myth: Recruiters do not care about the candidates; they only intend to fill a role

Truth: Recruitment agencies generally get paid only when they fill a role but they do care about the candidates. The candidates are the resources for any recruiting agency. If they stop caring about candidates they won’t get many candidates for their database or for filling up a position. Unless the recruiting agencies have a nice flow of quality candidates they won’t be able to make the employers happy and earn their charges. So, yes the recruiting agencies care for candidates as much as they care for the employers.

Myth: All the jobs are advertised so there’s no benefit in pre-registering yourself with a recruitment agency

Truth: Whenever an employer approach a recruitment agency with their need for an employee, the agency first look for the eligible candidates in their database. The recruiting agencies advertise a job only when they don’t find a perfect match in their database or if there is such special instruction. So, most of the time, the jobs don’t get publically advertised. It is always good to stay in the database of one or the other recruiters.

Myth: All recruiters are one and the same, there’s nothing like choosing the right recruiter

Truth: Like any other industry, recruitment industry, too have the generalists and specialists. If you don’t have any specialization and you don’t know which sector would be more suitable, you should submit your resume to a generalist recruiter. But, if you have an area of expertise you should choose the specialist recruiters who offer niche based recruitment.

Myth: Recruitment agencies work only in the local vicinity

Truth: There are many recruitment agencies that function locally but there are many for whom country borders do not matter at all. If you want to be placed abroad, choose an internationally recruiting company like Erik Juhler. You just need to take care of your responsibilities and you’ll be placed outside your home country without a hassle.

Don’t get trapped in myths; ask directly to the concerned person or organization and you’ll get to know the truth.

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