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Recently, I had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Matt Law, CEO of FSMC (Four Step Marketing Consultants) and discuss their business plan, technology, and new marketing book. This post outlines the Q&A session, and I think you’ll find it very helpful. For more information about FSMC, you can visit them online at

Question 1 – How is Four Step Marketing different in comparison to what most marketing agencies offer?

Matt Law: Most marketing agencies target one specific piece of the puzzle. For example, they might help with online traffic or perhaps automation. Four Step Marketing covers the complete spectrum of marketing for a business. It is the four critical components of marketing that every company knows they should be doing, but aren’t.

Question 2: Obviously, with a domain like, your company provides consulting services. You mentioned that this is an essential part of success in your book. Can you explain more about why you believe this is so important for businesses?

Matt Law: The truth is, few people wake up in the morning thinking about hiring a marketing consultant. While our domain is valuable, I don’t care if businesses call it consulting or planning. The primary objective is having a plan in place before you start marketing. The consulting portion of our business is just brainstorming and planning. We want every business relationship to start off with a clear objective.

Question 3: Your company also provides training services. Can you explain more about how the training programs work and who attends these classes?

Matt Law: In 2008, when I first started consulting, I had no idea what I was doing. I read a lot of books and made a lot of mistakes. As I became successful, people were asking me about my business and wanted me to train them. FSMC started out as a training business, where I mentored other consultants. This training is still a big part of our business model. Today, the FSMC community is a self-sustaining community of consultants which help each other based on the Four Step Marketing principles. However, we’ve also had businesses approach us for training as well. In 2018, we will launch a new business training program to help business owners implement better marketing. This second program will be led by myself and some of the other consultants in our community.

Question 4: The Four Step Marketing Blueprint book that’s self-published on Amazon has been well received. Why do you think businesses have received it so well?

Matt Law: Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised. We wrote the book as our offer, part two of the Four Step Marketing process. We published it on Amazon to further our reach. I had no idea we’d gain so much attention from it. I’m humbled and thankful for the book and owe the success of it to the licensed consultants who I’m privileged to serve and lead. They made the book better with their edits and I’m excited about our community book.

Question 5: You mentioned that your company is working on other marketing ideas for the future. Can you explain more about these SaaS applications?

Matt Law: To be clear, we developed the technology behind the applications. We haven’t built the apps yet, but that’s in the works. The first application is called Measio ( which is a measurable marketing platform for businesses. It measures everything for a company including online marketing, offline marketing and even tracks phone calls. The second application is called Personifys ( which personalizes marketing content based on the user’s tag or level. It’s important to note that both of these applications are based upon our marketing principles and were needed for our clients. That’s why we’ve built the technology.

Question 6: Though this question might be a bit personal, I think it will be helpful for other entrepreneurs. In your business opportunity overview, you explain that you and your wife went through a bankruptcy and foreclosure. I know that you’ve bounced back and built a very successful business. Can you share how you were able to make it through and perhaps a little information about your future vision?

Matt Law: I’m happy to share about our hard times. Sarah and I owned a mortgage business in Florida in the boom. I knew nothing about marketing then and honestly, I was still learning about entrepreneurship. Yes, we lost everything. I decided I wanted to learn more about marketing because it always interested me as a business owner. I looked for jobs and finally decided to try to build a marketing company. I would encourage every entrepreneur that the secret is NEVER to GIVE UP. There were days I felt like quitting, but I didn’t. Then I’d have a big deal fall into my lap the next month, and I kept going. The second thing I’d like to share is that success is a journey. Everyone sees us today and thinks we’re an overnight success. That’s not true. Sure, we were making money from the start, but getting to where we are today, took a lot of time end effort. Every entrepreneur should pursue personal growth and learn from others. Lastly, entrepreneurs should keep learning about marketing. While it isn’t the only secret to success, it’s a big part of it! Regarding our vision, well there’s a lot to that. Mainly, it is about providing value. First of all, I want our students to be the best marketing consultants in the world. We’ll continue to innovate and improve our training programs to acheive this. Secondly, we want our clients’ businesses to explode with growth. We always adding new ideas and tools based upon the Four Step Marketing best practices. Lastly, we want to help nonprofits and we’re working on a self-serve marketing platform which will help nonprofits use our resources for free. We’ve got a long ways to go yet, but I’m encouraged about our progress.

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