How do you decide your brand loyalty?

How do you decide your brand loyalty? This can be a question or a statement. Either way in this day and age, choosing your brands has more of an impact on it’s industry than ever before. For example; as more people buy organic, the price comes down allowing more people to buy it. This also means more people will share organic food pictures, and talk about it more. This springs up new start ups in the organic food industry expediently making organic food grow and evolve faster.

This formula rings true on most products, but also it has a big effect on services. Another example; On the Internet people pay companies that are blatant scammers or lairs. They are so tempted by the offer, they sign up even though they know it’s too good to be true. So now more and more scamming and lying companies pop up. I mean if people will believe the lie, and a business has no morals. Than the formula is there. If people didn’t believe the lies these companies would phase out.

In my industry of web hosting I remember when the first company decided say they will make everything unlimited. Customers were blown away with unlimited space and bandwidth until they actually started using a lot. They soon realized it was a scam that still is around today mind you. See they put in the TOS that they can shut down high intensive sites, and limit other than like IO speed and use and limit bandwidth MBPS. The idea is to get a lot of customers with the unlimited offer and then find an excuse to upgrade or remove them if they actually start using a lot.

I never would of thought people would buy into this but to their defense I’ve never read a full TOS lol.

Interestingly people did buy into unlimited hosting lies and in hordes. So next more companies followed suit leading to a shady web hosting industry that now has a reputation for the wild west of Internet services.

SPAM is another funny thing. It’s obviously a scam and obviously these people have no morals but still to this day thousands of people are buying fake Viagra and go knows what from mystery companies that sent them spam. So the spammers get bigger and more clever because of the suckers that are still around.

On the other hand you have products that really are the same and what they say but just have a different marketing message. An example of this is Pepsi vs. Coke. Both unhealthy and cost 2 cents to make but sold for $2 at a gas station. Both have the same moral principles yet somehow people cling to their side of the soda war like the world depended on it.

As a kid I loved Burger King. I refused to go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s I was hooked into Burger King early on. My guess is from the huge hamburgers with sauce dripping out and the free Kings Crown you could get. Eventually I realized fast food was bad so I switch to Taco Bell if I needed a fast meal. This was simply because it was said to be a little more healthy. Something to do with filler in their meat made from wheat or something.

All of this was before I actually knew what branding was and how companies use branding tools and tactics to make you loyal to them.

Nothing wring with that but we are in a different age. Kids know what the businesses are doing, people know if they buy from scammers or unhealthy products more of it will pop up. The World of business is becoming more transparent. Walmart has super cheap stuff. It’s amazing really. But sales still decline because people know know the products are cheap, all from China which hurts jobs, and they pay their employees so little that they still have to get money from the government to survive in some case. My point is even though Walmart is the best bang for the buck some people care enough about the bigger picture to shop at a better company.

Your decision on what brands you decide to stay loyal too is 100% up to you, just keep in mind.. who you spend your money with is not just a purchase, it’s you helping the world of business decide which direction it will go. If we only spent on our money with honest companies than bad companies would phase out. Plain and Simple.



Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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