Most Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

It’s no secret now that social media marketing is crucial to any company’s overall performance. With general public’s inclination towards the social media channels, social media marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing. However, small companies still struggle with strategizing their social media marketing campaigns. Here, we are giving you some of the most effective techniques that are handpicked from the innumerable social media marketing strategies.

Start using artificial intelligence powered chatbots – Actively posting engaging contents on your social media pages is no longer sufficient for staying connected to your target audience. People messaging or commenting on your social media page, want an instant reply to their messages. Keeping human staff active 24/7 on your social media page is also not a viable option. Start using chatbots that are now powered with artificial intelligence to reply promptly, take direct orders from Facebook messenger and comments etc. The chatbots can also be integrated with all the major payment systems.

Show your human side – Putting chatbots to work doesn’t mean you won’t need to put a human touch to your social media presence. To make your audience feel connected, you need to show them once in a while that there’s a human face behind the page. You should include some bits of wit and humor to your social media content. Tell your audience a story about yourself, your company and the people working with you. When you show your audience the human face and share experiences they get more connected to you. It is obvious to feel scarcity of time when you have to take care of so many things related to social media marketing. We recommend outsourcing services like Repzilla Social Media Marketing for doing all sorts of mechanical tasks involved. You will then only have to give that human touch to your social media presence.

Don’t bore your followers – Having a long list of followers is not enough; you need to have active followers. And you know what; activeness and passiveness of your followers are highly influenced by the content you share on your social media pages. If all your contents are blank texts, the followers will soon get bored and stop visiting or interacting. People respond well to photographs, imagery, videos or podcasts. Present your contents in different forms to keep your followers interested. Make them eager to wait for your upcoming contents.

Use brand advocates – If you want your social media campaigns to bring you best possible results, you’ll need some brand advocates for you. Once you serve a customer and make them happy with your product or services, you can easily turn them into your brand advocates. You just need to give your happy customers a clear call-to-action for sharing their feedback on social media or writing a testimonial on your page. You can also get in contact with social media influencers with your target audiences as their fan-base, and, make them speak for you. When someone other than you praises your product or services, people tend to believe.

These social media marketing strategies will help you withstand the test of time!

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