Reasons Why Product Packaging Is Important

It is strange how often packaging is neglected in the formulation of business strategies. A good packaging is not only important to increase the visual appeal of a product but to also protect them from damage during transit and storage. In fact, believe it or not, packaging plays an important role in a product’s marketing mix and is considered to be the most important form of advertising that can truly influence a buyer’s buying decision at a point of purchase.


If you are a business owner, then not thinking about packaging as a critical part of your marketing strategy is like setting yourself up for failure. There are many things a product packaging can communicate to its intended buyer. From the product quality to company values, your product’s boxing is the first interaction your potential customers have with your company. In fact, some experts like consider packaging almost as important as the product itself.


Here are some important reasons why product packaging is crucial for your success in the market.


Sets You Apart

Do you really want to get lost in the sea of products that are dominating the aisle? If you want to set yourself apart from other merchandise, then you need to do it via product packaging. Did you know that 1/3rd customers make their buying decision based on the way your product looks on the outside? If you really want to succeed in a market that is brimming with competing products, then you cannot neglect this important factor. Your product wrapping must not only be different but also attractive. Your design team should marry the product quality with its packaging to send out the right message to the buyers. Anything that catches the eye has a great potential of performing.


Colors Can Influence Purchase Decisions

Colors have such a huge role to play in product packaging. They can single-handedly sway the customer decision in your favor. You may not know this but your brain reacts to different colors in a certain way. A product that is boxed in white is perceived as simple, pure, and safe. Experts, however, also recommend using this strategy sparingly. Too many colors in product packaging can confuse the brand message and make the product look less sophisticated. In fact, choosing a color too requires a thorough assessment of the target demographics before finalizing it. This helps in attracting the right audience when you finally launch the product.


It is a Marketing Tool

You may not know this but your product packaging also acts as a marketing tool, especially if you are advertising your product in a store. It is easy to recognize branded products because of their unique designs and logos that improve brand recall. This is why you should design your packaging with logos and product names upfront so that your buyers are able to remember you the next time.


They Can Grab the Buyer’s Attention

An eye-catching, quirky product packaging is hard to overlook in a store full of mundane products. You can catch your target audience’s attention by making your product packaging captivating in appearance. Think about it this way, where do you want your products to be more visible? Is it the kid’s section, grocery fashion and apparel or beauty? Once you know who your buyers are and where you will be in a store, it becomes easy to design your product packaging.


It Can Appeal to All Senses

Shopping is such a multi-sensory activity. When you design your package innovatively, you can actually appeal to more than one sense that not only intensifies customer interest in you but also stimulates the buying decision. Packaging that can be smelled and felt can easily win your potential customer’s favor. Industry leaders reveal that innovative product packaging is trusted more than others in a store!


A Reflection of Company Image

How you package your product is a reflection of you as a company. You may have designed the best product with best features. However, if you do not meet the packaging standards, it will probably not move enough for you to make an impact. A well-packaged product is a sign of quality that is perceived to run bone deep. The customers automatically trust you and your product if they are satisfied that it looks good on the outside.


The right kind of packaging can have a shelf impact that can make or break new products. If you really want your product to succeed, then you must carefully design your packaging strategy that can align with your business goals and product ethos.

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