3 Important Trends in Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oft-overlooked member of the digital marketing family. Despite it’s rather humdrum status in the eyes of many, email marketing has consistently been one of the top performing outlets for generating traffic and leads.

In 2018, a number of trends are converging to potentially make email marketing even more effective at drawing in customers and pushing that ROI even further. The trends I want to look at today are based around omni-channel integration, kinetic emails, and full sales funnel content curation.

Before delving into these exciting new trends, let’s set the scene a little bit.

Why is email marketing so effective?

Email marketing is incredible effective for two main reasons. First, it is more personable than any other advertisement platform available to businesses. Second, email marketing plays the role of conversion machine, turning leads into customers and retaining them over time.

Like all areas of digital marketing, email marketing is in a constant stage of flux and innovation. Here are three of the most exciting trends put to use by email marketing agencies in Colchester today:

Omni-channel integration

We’ve really seen this take off in recent years as the customer experience on digital has become streamlined across the board.

Omni-channel integration refers to the connectedness of all digital platforms (search, email, social) and the multi-channel marketing approach to selling and serving customers that it provides. It all starts with collecting emails and sharing the same type of update, with the same individual, across all digital platforms.

Kinetic Emails

Of course a seamless experience means little if the content is not engaging. It is crucial to maximize the user experience on each platform, and in email marketing that means taking advantage of kinetic email design.

What is kinetic email design?  

Put simply, kinetic email design refers to CSS-optimized templates for creating visually engaging emails. The range of content includes carousels, graphs, banners, hover-over animation, banners, blinking lights, animated letters, collapsable menus, interactive buttons, and more. The more personalized you can make your emails, the higher your open rates and conversion metrics will be. Digital marketers can get creative with the form in which they present emails, but the actual content itself must be derived from close analysis of individual search behaviour.

This leads us to the third and final important theme of email marketing at the moment: full sales funnel content curation.

Full Sales Funnel Content Curation

As marketing becomes more personalized and integrated with other digital channels, it’s role as a communication channel is growing. Marketers today should be using email much earlier in the sale funnel than they used to. In the past it was common to target only leads with emails once they had made a sale, or showed numerous signs of interest.

But times have changed. The sooner a direct communication (or ‘lead nurturing’) begins between brand and consumer, the better.

Email Marketing Is More Refined Than Ever

If you find your email marketing game is slipping, chances are you have not focused enough energy on one of these three trends. Small and medium sized businesses are poised to make the most material gains from the high ROI available through email marketing – but only if they foster a direct line of communication with customers from initial contact to conversion, and beyond.

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