5 Tips to Swiftly Revamp Your Business Brand

If you’re planning to change your key product or service offering, your company is going to need a full-fledged digital branding campaign to inform and educate your existing and future customers of the change. While a full rebranding campaign requires tremendous effort and significant investment, here are five tips that will help you do a small-scale brand overhaul if you’re currently not too keen to take on a complete branding revamp.

Redefine your ideal customer

The first step in rebranding is to redefine your target customer—only then can you create a message that will reach and resonate with your audience. As all branding is driven by the type of customers it intends to target, even a new logo should be based on your new target demographic.

So, before you go all out to redo the visual elements, clearly define your ideal customer and then proceed with the changes.

Inform your customers

Your brand is the face of your business, and any change in this critical aspect should be clearly communicated to your customers. While most businesses know what their brand stands for, they’re not adept at reaching out to customers and letting them know what’s going on.

It is easy to get your audience to understand and accept the change by using language that is true, honest, original and straightforward. Use social media platforms to convey the message to your patrons and welcome queries and questions they may have.

Adapt your marketing strategy

Can you effectively reach your new target customers using the same marketing channels? A great way to execute rebranding on a budget is by reaching the new demographic using platforms you rarely used before. For instance, if you mostly relied on social media to communicate with your customers, launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to market your product to potential customers.

Adapt and align your marketing strategy to establish a strong new presence online.

Use content to change your image

Content marketing is a great tool to alter your brand’s perception. Blogging, guest posting and link building help brands create a specific image and influence their target customers by evoking certain feelings and emotions. High-quality informative content not only educates your audiences, it also goes a long way in establishing an altogether new image for your brand.

Don’t toss everything just because

Indeed, a complete brand overhaul is a complex task best left to experts such as, a full-service digital agency that specializes in brand strategy, digital and offline marketing, website development, graphic design, reputation management, and more.

Regardless of the scale of your rebranding strategy, consider carefully if you really need to discard every element of your current branding. For instance, don’t rush to change the name of your company if it’s not really needed. Try and retain the elements that will resonate with your future customers.

Make a list of what to keep and what to trash and share it with the branding team. Rebranding is time-taking and expensive, so take informed and well-thought-out decisions at each step.

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