Selling a lifestyle

What is the latest wave in marketing?

Now that Internet marketing has matured and Google has locked down most results, like anything in life marketers have created the next big way to get business. It’s called lifestyle marketing and it’s huge. Like a celebrity or pop star the product is second to the person selling it. The Kardashians are at the top of the totem pole with products they didn’t make creating millions for them just for being a part of it. The latest is a new perfume Kim Kardashian made that sold millions before anyone even knew what it smelled like. The idea that people will spend money on the fly just because they like the person telling them to is amazing.

This is a totally new concept. I mean products have always hired celebrities to market their products but now it’s backwards. Celebrities / Major influencers are hiring products to be sold under them.

What’s shocking is it’s working. In fact so good that it’s better than any other marketing other than TV commercials.

This leads to new jobs or wanna be’s creating new markets as well. Instagram is more of a game for millions than a place to add pictures to look back on and share. These wanna be Instafamous people are risking life and limb and money to try and get famous so they can sell products to their followers.

I’ve always been a bigger fan of selling the shovels to find gold than to dig for it. In this instance there is a ton of new opportunities for that frame of mind. Like and friend exchanges, Instagram marketing, publicists, content makers, photographers, are among many other new ways to cash in big.

How do you get Instafamous?

It’s a long shot, kind of like trying to be a pro basketball player or pop star / actor. If you do it, you are set. If you don’t do it, (which most don’t) you spent a lot of time building an amazing photo album. There is worse risks to take in business. Just don’t take a big load for it!

If you are ready to be instafamous you will have to embrace lifestyle marketing. Don’t rely on snappy quotes or beautiful scenes. You need to sell yourself. People need to connect with you, not what you are seeing. They want to know about your life, passions, obstacles, and purpose. They want to see your adversity and that you overcame it and now live an amazing life. Do Instagram people embellish? Of course, all the time. Paying to show them going into a private jet they are not actually going into. Cars they don’t own. The fake until you make it saying has never meant so much as the new wanna be Instagram celebrities. There is nothing wrong with that! That’s why it’s a game. It’s just what you need to know to start playing.


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