3 Ways to Improve Engagement for Business Slideshows

It goes without saying that you would want your business slideshows to engage the audience as much as possible. If successful that will let your slideshow command the audience’s attention for much longer, and enable you to deliver your message more effectively.

While there are many different areas that can affect the engagement of your business slideshows, there are three ways in particular that you can improve it quite easily:

  • Design the very first slide to hook the audience

The very first slide in your business slideshow should be designed with a single goal in mind: Hook the audience and get them interested. Make no mistake you don’t have very long to convince the audience that they should pay close attention to what you’re saying – and every second will count.

Although there are several types of hooks that you could use, one of the most effective and versatile for business slideshows is to focus on the benefit that the audience stands to gain. That should give them a reason to want to hear more.

  • Use visuals to deliver the message

The main advantage of slideshows as a medium is the fact that they will let you deliver your message visually. It is important that you leverage that, as your audience will find visual information is more interesting and easier to absorb.

Try to find creative ways that information can be represented visually, including graphs, charts, diagrams, illustrations, or even comics. If you want you could use infographics, but should make sure they are simple and can be easily understood.

  • Make sure the slideshow is tightly-focused on its message

One of the reasons why some business slideshows have very poor engagement is that they are too long and don’t focus on the message. If your slideshow goes off on a tangent, odds are the audience will get distracted as well and stop paying attention.

When you finalize your slideshow you should go over each and every point in each and every slide and ask yourself: Is this vital to deliver the message? If it is not and you can do without it – get rid of it. At the end of the day your goal should be to make your business slideshow as short and succinct as possible.

The next time you create a business slideshow you should try to use each of the ways of improving engagement that have been listed above. On top of that you may want to look into other audiovisual elements that you can add, and for example could use Movavi Slideshow Maker if you want more options.

As noted previously there are other factors that will affect the engagement of your business slideshows, but the steps described above should let you see an immediate improvement. If you want you can build on it further by looking into other improvements that you can make to your slideshow so that they’re able to attract and hold attention much more effectively.

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