three email marketing tips any marketer should know

Three email marketing tips any marketer should know

There is no magic recipe to successful email marketing. What some pros praise to be their secret to higher engagement may not work for others. Every business is different and has to tailor its content to a different audience. However, there are some tactics that have proven their efficiency across all industries. When done right, these three email marketing tips ensure a high email deliverability and consistent open and click-through rates.

Methodical segmentation: don’t “spray and pray”

Sending an email to thousands to prospects, without considering any behavioral and demographic data, is a big industry no-no. The “spray and pray” marketing model is not only obsolete, but may actually hurt your brand and result in spam complaints. Fortunately, most email marketing platforms allow you to segment your email lists on specific criteria, such as gender, location, or purchase history. The more you fine-tune your segmentation, the better you can customize your content and target your emails to reach the right people.

Email validation: remove bad contacts from your list

Speaking of spam complaints and reaching the right people, abuse emails are some of the most damaging types of contacts you can have in your database. Also known as email complainers, these users have a history of marking emails as spam. How does that affect you? By tarnishing your sender reputation. How do you fix the problem? By running your email list through an email validation system. Email validation is on the rise among marketers who are aware that their email list quality directly impacts their email deliverability. By using an email verification system, they make sure they remove not only abuse emails, but also fake, invalid and toxic domains. Marketers who use an email validation service report better deliverability and higher conversions.

Storytelling: the only way we can be remembered

In his best-seller “All Marketers Are Liars,” Seth Godin explains that marketing is about how well you tell your story. Stories have always fascinated us, and in this era, they are the only way we can stand out from the crowd and be remembered. So infuse your marketing emails with lots of storytelling. Use both words and visuals to illustrate your company culture and share your industry insight. Focus less on self-promotion and more on useful, valuable content. It’ll pay off in the long run: your reward is going to reflect in higher open rates and better engagement.

Short recap:

Take the time to segment your email list and to create entertaining content for each group of subscribers. Personalize and stay away from the “spray and pray” model. Make email validation a priority by cleaning your email lists periodically. Also, install an email verification API on your signup forms to prevent harmful contacts from joining your list. Use email to tell your authentic story and share your best knowledge for free. In today’s world, it’s the only way to stand out and leverage your brand.

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