16 Year Old Social Media Entrepreneur Samuel Jenkins Gives Influencer Tips

As mobile takes over, social media is quickly becoming an important marketing channel for any business owner or aspiring influencer. Instagram influencer marketing has become one of the best ways to reach a target audience from a voice they trust, causing millions of dollars to be poured into this ecosystem by brands looking to stay on the forefront. Anyone looking to gain or maintain relevancy MUST have a strong social presence.

You can succeed

Samuel Jenkins is an Australian teenage entrepreneur with a knack for social media. He’s grown several accounts hundreds of thousands of followers, scoring dozens of brand deals and tens of thousands of dollars along the way. He’s gone to prove that anyone can find success as an an influencer or brand on Instagram, regardless of age/location/prior experience. All it took was some tapping and late nights.

How can you start?

With mountains of conflicting or unreliable information from fake gurus on the web, I wanted to ask a real influencer: How can you start?:

Samuel told me, “If you are planning on starting an Instagram page it won’t be as easy as everyone says it is, Instagram pages take a lot of time if you want them to perform at their best potential. The hardest part is starting the page, when I start new pages I usually grow them from my other large pages until they get a few thousand followers and then I just post daily and try to be as active as possible and give my viewership what they ask for. On multiple occasions, I’ve had the opportunities to make thousands of dollars selling merchandise to my fanbase but they have not asked for it, so I have never gone through with doing it. If you’re going into Instagram with the goal of only making money you will not succeed. From my experiences, only things I have been passionate about and put my hard work and time into have paid off in the long run. Another tip would be to not flood your Instagram with paid promotions as your audience will soon lose interest in your page since you will be posting content they did not follow for. Also, make sure to do promotions on your page at a reasonable rate.”

Key takeaways

The hardest part to becoming influential on Instagram (or any other social platform) is actually starting your page. Prepare to invest at least a few hours a day after the inception of your account, as this is a timeframe that can likely determine your success. Your followers grow like a snowball, so it’s important to give your page some initial traction through promotion, even if it’s just from a few of your friends. It’s also important to choose a genre for your account that you are passionate about and will enjoy building. Those who are short-sighted and choose a niche because they can score fast money from it will not reap greater rewards in the long run. It’s important to be patient, including when it comes to selling promotions, as selling them early can stunt the growth of your page. Work hard, be patient, be authentic and you will see great social success.

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