Stand out in 2019

The New Year is here and new companies are looking for innovative and creative ways to push their products and increase their branding. Most of all, separating themselves from the crowd. While (I wish there was) there is no one fit way for all businesses to be great, there is a couple staples that universally work for all businesses that will be guaranteed to help you in 2019.

Like all marketing for small businesses with normal sized or smaller budgets you need to think in steps. To get up the business marketing ladder you need to climb it step by step. Unless you have an extra 500k for a prime time commercial of course. If you try to appeal to everyone or the masses, your wide net will likely cost you much more then your results. When budget is a factor, you need to snipe your targets, not throw grenades.

Like most businesses, the top paying 20% help the company more than the bottom 80%. To truly target the best investment in marketing and branding you need to identify these top customers and find out how to connect with others like them. Smaller customers are important and will help on several levels like word to mouth and helping you fine tune your business. And I think it’s important to treat all customer the best possible. But reeling in the big fish will help you grow and in most cases growth will trickle into more smaller customers.

The nice thing is when you target customers that are like your better customers, you only need to buy marketing and advertising to target them. Mush less than just sending out a signal to the masses and hoping it will stick.

For example; if you own a Dry Cleaning business, try to narrow down the existing customers that are paying more and / or buying more frequently. Then find out what habits these customers have that are not common and target other people in that area. Maybe they like fly fish or dirt bike. Once you find what several of your best customers like, you can run an add targeting that hobby or activity.

Nothing pays better for marketing and branding than over the top great customer service. Customers love when you go past what they expect. This is the point when they will feel compelled to say something about your company and hopefully they’ll do it on social media as well as to their friends. Good products and pricing helps but compared to really good customer service it simply can’t compete.

Customer service is also an edge small companies have over big companies. No employee can have the passion or know how as a long term business owner or someone that has worked for a long time directly with them. With major business size, customer service will always suffer.

Still over 80% of customers looking to use a new business do research online. Make sure you have a great website with a great web host like Web Host Pro. If you have a website make sure to update it often and keep it looking fresh. Nothing is easier for a good website than improving your website step by step. I would say at least once a month you should be adding content and improving all of your website aspects. Waiting a long time to do a big update can be exhausting and have more room for mistakes.

For me the new year like in life a great time to clean up your Internet business presence. Check all your social networks and websites and make sure the address, hours, images, and information is up to date. And don’t forget to check your footer for the copyright year! When people see your copyright footer year as older it is a flag.

To summarize..

Update your Internet presence, research your best customers habits, find marketing to target niche customers.

Use these tools in 2019 and you’ll see some great results guaranteed!


Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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