Commit to the turn

It’s not too common to learn business knowledge when you’re out enjoying a downhill run on your skis. But one of the most useful pieces of business advice you can get, actually comes from the same instructors teaching skiing lessons. Commit to the turn. With skiing and snow boarding, this means if you hesitate or meekly attempt a turn, you’ll have a ton more issues. The best way to ski is to fully commit all your weight, all your balance, and your mind, 100% to the turn. This means no fear, no wondering, no questioning, just a solid thought that you are going to do and make this turn.

How does this pertain to business?

Simple, with business it requires the same commitment. Just because things are about to get more difficult, doesn’t mean you should hesitate, slow down, or become fearful. To be really successful in business, you need to thirst for harder turns, for steeper slopes, and use fear as a motivator. Your confidence will come through in ways you can’t even imagine. True unwavering confidence, will make your business much better without you even knowing.

That’s what it means to commit to the turn. It means to accept risk and go at it head on with unwavering confidence.

Like skiing, business takes turns. As a good skier and business person, you need to handle these turns and be ready. Some might call it pivoting. I call it accepting change and being ready to jump the wave when it comes. Business is not now, nor will it ever be dormant. No business will last forever unless it evolves, pivots, and take turns. Sound daunting? At first it is, but like all things in life, you will get used to the turns and it will become second nature. If not, you better get back to school and prepare for a 9-5 because change is seriously part of every entrepreneur’s daily schedule.

Whether you are redirecting your company, a new project, expansion, different technologies, you have to follow through with enough hard work and resources to give it a real chance. I can’t tell you how many companies pulled the plug on a great project that later they were kicking themselves for. Smart business means committing to the turn.


Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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