Everything You Need to Know About TeleFrame – And Why You Should Care

Let me just say, I’m in no way a trained engineer, formal designer or entrepreneur. I’m just a guy that never grew up and has big dreams. TeleFrame, before it even had a name, was just an idea. It didn’t become something tangible until the day I decided to surprise my then fiancé, now wife, by taking our 50” flat screen from its tipsy tabletop mount and bulky stand, and mount it on the wall. My hope was to free up some space in our little condo. One day, while she was at work, I took on this task and “nailed it”. Little did I know that my petite, smiley wife would knock me to my knees with one sentence…

When she got home, I proudly unveiled what I had done while she was at work and her reply was “that is completely hideous”. I felt like I went from “Bob the Builder” to “Wreck it Ralph”. I racked my brains to come up with a solution, because I was not going to resurrect the bulky tabletop mount. My answer was George Washington.

Stay with me…

My parents had given my wife and I this antique George Washington painting with a filigree, wooden frame. If I took out the painting and turned the frame horizontally it fit around the TV. I decided to cut out the painting and add four little wooden walls on the backside to bring the frame off the wall to line up with the TV on the wall mount. Not only did that work, look great, and free up extra room in our condo, it handed me something that I frequently reflect on… opportunity.

Behind the frame there was all this space. I would sometimes daydream about what I could stuff into this frame. Everything from lights to electric fans. It was like throwing spaghetti against a wall and seeing what would stick. Ultimately I landed on installing a surge protector, speakers and a webcam. THEN I MET AN NFL STAR.

I was excited about talking with a patent company about cannibalizing soundbars for their speakers and electronic components, hiding a surge protector and concealing a webcam all behind the frame. Then I met NFL Gary Barnidge and TeleFrame evolved and began to have a shot at becoming more with one more big feature. Voice activated smart home technology would put TeleFrame on the level it needed to be at.

After that I became bombarded with ideas for marketing, commercials and the nearly overwhelming potential of bringing video chat to everybody’s home, through their big screens, drastically improved sound through speakers that take advantage of psychoacoustics, protected by a surge protector and voice activated tech means I get to throw away my remote control. All this hidden behind a great looking frame.

Fast forward eighteen months, our patent can be issued any day, initial marketing is launched to educate people that TeleFrame exists. We’re also about to launch crowdfunding on IndieGogo. We’ve managed to open some dialog with Amazon and a few other large manufacturers. Our goal is to build a bridge between TeleFrame and a major manufacturer that has voice activated technology under their brand.

We all enjoy the trendy features of Amazon Alexa and Google Home mini because we can occasionally ask it fun quirky questions or ask Alexa to manage our home sprinkler system. But there’s potential to comfortably take these platforms to a new level. Imagine, after video chatting with friends or family on your stylish TeleFrame, then asking your new smart home hub “what’s the weather like today?”

Utilizing smart home functions like weather, news, financial, movies and more, feels more natural because you also communicate to friends and family through TeleFrame. Psychologically it feels more natural. We’ve been watching sci-fi movies with wall mounted video chat screens and voice activated tech since the 1960’s. With over two thirds of our nation saturated with WiFi and 5G right around the corner, we have ALL the foundation already laid to make the step into the futuristic lifestyle we’ve been watching in movies and TV for generations. Isn’t it about time we bring together friends, family, business associates virtually anywhere in the world and let them talk face to face, like they’re in the same room.

TeleFrame is dynamic, it has a little something for everybody. With your help, we can raise the funds needed to begin manufacturing efforts and make TeleFrame a reality. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated on crowdfunding launch dates, news, and more! What’s your life look like with TeleFrame?

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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