The Importance of Visual Identity in Today´s Business.

Several things are needed to create and keep a profitable business: running capital, customer flow, an innovative sales approach, among others. However, in an increasingly competitive market, creating a visual identity is an essential task to impact new buyers and position your business in the market.

After all, what is a visual identity?

Your company, like you and the people around you, needs a unique identity: something that defines it and makes it unique.

It is natural for companies to compete with each other for the attention of consumers. And it is not enough to say that your business is different; you need to demonstrate that difference, making it easier for customers to realize the advantages that only your company offers.

In the business context, visual identity is the set of symbols and elements, mainly graphics, that is designed to represent the values and ideals of the company and present them to the client.

Included in this set are items such as the logo, typography, printing, the colours chosen and how they interact, promotional materials (flyers, business card printing and the like), as well as other branded corporate stationery and elements present in the company environment.

A consistent visual identity builds confidence.

Your company should have a style guide with instructions to implement it consistently. All marketing materials (both traditional and online) should use the same colours; the same typography and printing; and the same type of images.

All of this will create a sense of coherence and strengthen your brand.

How to create a quality visual identity?

It all starts with the development of your logo: think about the values that your company has, the mission and the ideals you want to convey. Try to develop a simple and easy-to-reproduce image in a variety of sizes, combined with appropriate typography and printing.

The next step is to choose the colour palette to be applied throughout visual communication. Colours have vital importance in any area, and each one awakens a specific reaction in who sees them. It is essential to thoroughly research the meanings evoked by each one to know which ones to use, according to factors such as your target audience and area of activity.

A practical example of this application: construction companies give preference to solid colours, such as dark shades of blue, black and gray. Food companies focus on energy tones, which attract attention and arouse the desire to buy, such as red, yellow and orange.

And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. One of the secrets of big business lies precisely in building an excellent visual identity. After all, it’s the brand’s first impact on the consumer.

When you create a striking, versatile and balanced corporate identity, it will draw people’s attention as it will convey authenticity to customers.

Creating a complete visual identity ensures a prominent place for your business in the market. In your company, is the visual identity modern and consistent with your mission?

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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