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3 Ways To Get More Press: With quotes from brand expert Carson Jones

One of the biggest challenges for many small business owners is getting great press coverage amidst tight budget and schedule. Obtaining positive press is important for business most especially the small businesses. Positive press that you don’t have to pay for is simply priceless. Ever wondered how some businesses and some companies seem to get great press?

Often times, only famous and home grown businesses who are almost famous are the ones who get invited to exclusive red carpet events and get listed on the VIP list that small businesses only wish they had access to.

So why is it so important to get press?

“If you are doing business in 2019, your potential clients will do their research on you. They want to know why they should work with you, what makes you stand out from the others companies they are considering. Social proof creates trust and credibility that puts you in position to work with the biggest companies in the world,” said marketing and branding expert Carson Jones.

Getting press coverage for your business is really no secret at all. It’s a matter of following a few simple time tested strategies to attract reporters knocking at your door. If you’re wondering how you can get free publicity for yourself and your small business, here are 3 easy ways to help you achieve that goal.

1. Identify and relate to national headlines. Pay attention to what is happening in the news on a national level which related to your niche. Stay abreast of those top headlines of the day or week and find a way to relate to the story on a local level. How do those headlines of the day or week impact your community? Don’t necessarily pick a topic so broad like the economy. Get more specific. If you’re a real estate agent, tell how foreclosures have affected people in your community and highlight statistics and educate people on the real impact the economy has had on businesses or families in your neighborhood. Reporters most times look for a unique hook or personal interest piece to make their story captivating and stand out. If you want to attract local press, you’ll have to show them a unique way you have used national news to attract local attention.

2. Take a stand on an important issue. Let your voice be heard. It’s important to take a stand for something you believe in. Do you feel strongly about a new tax rate in your community? Perhaps there will be expansion on the roads or green space in your neighborhood. Or maybe there is vote about the city budget to increase the police force or firemen in your community. What are the critical issues at hand that affect business owners? Or that affect your family or livelihood? Whatever the issues are that matter to you, write a press release and take a stand about it. You may not be famous but with issues that has high significance in your community, your voice can be heard. Research some other business in your community. What subjects do they bring awareness to? Surely, if you were to create an event or bring awareness to a subject that other people care about, you would certainly elevate your visibility and acquire positive press.

3. Do something to make a difference. A small startup can make a difference. So many times businesses fail to take action because they don’t think that our small contribution will help. Sometimes, one little action can truly make a big difference. Here’s one way you can make a difference in your community that may give you positive press: identify a local charity or cause in your community that you are passionate about. Raise money or raise awareness for that charity or cause. Write a press release or post on your business blog a summary about your efforts. Submit your story to news outlets in your area. You never know, a local paper may just be looking to feature a local business that is making a difference in their community.

Getting press coverage is really not rocket science. It’s as easy as giving local reporters something of interest that other people want to read or hear about your business. These are short list of 3 easy ways to get publicity for your business.

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