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3 ways to do marketing better right now

You can be the best in your industry, have the best prices, the best look, the best ingredients, the most experience, even the best website. You can literally have everything to make a great business but still fail if you neglect this one thing..

Solid, consistent, good marketing.

Poor marketing is the one constant with all business that will lead to failure, no matter what other great things you have to offer. Little experience with a good product and marketing and you will still probably be fine. A good product and bad marketing though, and you will almost for sure fail. In the end, your marketing will separate you from the businesses that fail or have the hardest time. You simply can’t make money if no one sees your business. Smart marketing touches their customers constantly, so they don’t forget about you. Social networks are a free and easy way to do this. I post to Instagram for all my businesses every morning with my smoothie, this also posts to Twitter and Facebook automatically.

Ideally, you would hire a fancy marketing company and let their fancy brains go to work, but most companies don’t have that kind of budget. This is why I put together three marketing ideas that you can do right now, for free, that will for sure help your business marketing.

  1. Get on a podcast!
    There is thousands of podcasts in every industry that is looking for people to have on their show. Just do a search for your business + podcast in Google and send them an email that you are interested. Make sure to talk yourself up! Let them know you are an expert in something that their listeners can learn from, or enjoy. Open with something that will benefit the pod-caster and you will almost always get a response.
  2. Go to the large audience
    If you don’t have tens of thousands of customers to leverage than go where your customers are. Forums and social media groups are a great place to start connecting with large audiences that could potentially like your business. Once you find some places you like, with lots of people related to your business, just be a normal person there. Never market your business at first, you’ll need to build trust and authority first, for it to work. Also, you might want to check for webinars and supplying content to related large media services.
  3. Make better content
    Most likely you post on Facebook and Instagram, maybe tweet or blog here and there, but are you really making the best content possible? Just one good content post can bring in tens of thousands of people for decades. If you are already making content, why not take it further for the chance to do something deeper, greater, and with more resonance. Good content builds trust and likability. This leads to word of mouth, which I personally think is the best marketing of all.

2019 is the year for better marketing. Stay consistent and work hard. If you get burned out, hire someone to help! There is low priced freelancers and students ready to help for almost nothing. What’s important is that you are consistent and take things further! Remember, marketing should be at least 10% of your revenue, some companies are around 30-40%. Don’t cheap out, it’s worth it!

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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