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Zen for Techies

It’s almost halfway though 2019 and things are getting interesting in the world of tech. User profiting services like Uber, Lyft, and Air B&B are blowing up but only to soon be swiped away by self driving cars and lower priced hotels. Google and Microsoft still basically rule the world and Facebook is sitting pretty on 138 billion dollars. MySpace I think is still a site but other than FB, Instagram, and SnapChat, social networks are phasing out. Well, that is unless you call YouTube a social network which now has a little less traffic than Google. With both dominating the 1 and 2 spot for traffic on the Internet. SSD drives are finally priced to sell phasing out old spinning HDD drives exponentially. Phones still rule people into a Zombie abyss and schools somehow still are the same as they were in 1950.

My point here? There is none, things are things. What matters is how we deal with them, how we let them effect us, and how we prepare for the unknown.

I’m going to go over some basic stuff business owners can do to maintain some ZEN.
  1. Mute your phone and computer
    Listing to alerts and rings is a fast way to raise up stress. Just keep it on mute and listen for the vibrate.
  2. Disable your phone social media alerts
    There is no reason to know the exact moment some old high school friend is going live with their new cat.
  3. Keep your desk empty
    That means the absolute least amount of things. If possible just have a keyboard, mouse, and your computer(s). Me have one die cast lion thingy and anything else is for temp use and gets taken off art the end of the day.
  4. Color coordinate
    I know it sounds cheesy but having good matching colors lowers stress and helps focus.
  5. Clean up old files
    Get rid of any old bills or files. Only keep what you might need in case of an audit.
  6. Keep a schedule
    You don’t have to stick to it but having a time structure will help get things done in a timely effort.
  7. Give your business a modern make over
    Sure it might be a lot of work but every couple years updating your logo, media, and website, is part of the modern business process.
  8. Revisit what you planned last year
    Look over your past goals and make new ones based off what you did and did not accomplish before.
  9. Keep learning
    In the business world of 2019 learning is part of life. Things are evolving faster than ever and new tools and ways to improve your business are happening at the blink of an eye.
  10. Don’t get overwhelmed
    By keeping your day to day stress levels down with the tools above, you will be able to handle stress when it comes at unexpected times.

Most important is to realize there is no perfect Life / Work balance. Sure, you want want to find a center, and stay close to it. If you think perfection or even close is a goal though, you will be disappointed. Focus on what keeps you calm, cool, and collective. Faith, family, peace, fun, travel, health, talents; these things are all food for the soul to keep it strong when things get tough. AND very importantly, they help you not sweat the little stuff!

Charles Y.

Charles has been working as a webmaster since 1998. Since then, he has had his hands in thousands of websites and has helped millions get online through a company he partially owns called Web Host Pro.

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