5 Retailers Rocking Facebook Messenger Marketing & Chatbots

Chatbots are helping retailers treat their customers like the VIP that they are. The gap between offline and online experiences is now easy to bridge.

With Facebook Messenger marketing and the integration of chatbots, retail brands now have the perfect tools to engage and interact with their customers.

Being able to build chatbots into Messenger has given brands the ability to engage with their customers in a personalized way.

You can now deliver accurate suggestions, provide your customer with incentives, upsell and cross-sell, provide exclusive access, and let them watch previews of upcoming products.

Doing all of this will make the customer journey more interesting, which, in turn, builds loyalty and trust. Chatbots in retail simply allows every customer to feel special.

Dan McDonald, chatbot development Director at leading messenger marketing agency Chit Chat said “Messenger marketing allows brands to interact with consumers in a 2 way conversation way beyond the initial ad click – it’s everything email could and should have been.”

Still think Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots aren’t all that? Well, here are 5 world-renowned retailers who are using chatbots in their business.


Burberry decided to implement the use of chatbots in 2016 during the London Fashion Week. Their retail chatbot was used to provide customers with behind-the-scenes insights.

It also provided users with a puzzle of gif and images. Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you would be able to purchase from their latest collections.

However, that wasn’t the end of the chatbot; Burberry was just getting started. With their chatbot already integrated into the Facebook Messenger, they started sending notifications to their customers and subscribers through Messenger.

Customers got holiday invites, pre-order invites, invites to live runway shows, notifications to browse for gifts, and more.

Now, the brand chatbot is more sophisticated as it can automatically connect customers to a customer service representative. You can also use it as a store locator or to find one of the brand’s consultants.

Just by integrating their messenger bot into their marketing strategy, the brand has been able to build trust, loyalty, ad in-store conversions, and engagement.

  1. LEVI’S

Levi’s Virtual Stylist was created from the partnership between the brand and a retail chatbot platform. The chatbot is available on Levi’s website as well as on Facebook Messenger.

This chatbot helps customers find the right pair of jeans. You don’t need to surf through the website for hours. All you have to do is provide the chatbot with the right information, and it will come up with the best pair of jeans that matches your information.

The bot asks users for their size, fit, rise, wash, and stretch. It then uses this info to look for the perfect pair of jeans.

Additionally, users can get style tips and mobile access to fashion shows from this chatbot.


In 2016, after Tommy and his team sealed their partnership with supermodel, Gigi Hadid, they decide to create a chatbot. This made them the first retail brand to use chatbots. The aim of the bot was to drive traffic and project the sale of the TOMMYxGIGI collection.

The chatbot was integrated into Messenger and customers were able to interact with it easily. Once a user engages the chatbot, it greets the user and introduces them to the new collection.

The bot then proceeds to give the user three conversation options, including behind-the-scenes from the fashion show, browsing through the collection, or getting awesome style advices.

Through the use of this retail chatbot, the brand was able to provide their customers with a personalized service. They were also able to effectively target their users and provide them with relatable content.

  1. H&M

H&M is a brand with a huge inventory that includes different styles and products. It would be a hassle for a customer to sift through all of them every time.

So, the brand decided to make things easier for their customers by integrating a chatbot into their marketing strategy.

Users just need to tell the bot the type of clothing they want, and the chatbot does the rest. It searches through the entire inventory and brings the users the right suggestions. The bot also helps with the purchase process and offers upsells to customers.


Personally Presented is a gifts retailer and their messenger chatbot helps customers find a gift worth giving.

A very advanced product recommendations engine is baked into the chatbot which allows the bot to recommend products at a very granular level based on the recipient, personality or the occasion.

The bot also features some cool seasonal feature such as a personalized letter from Santa himself which users can generate and download for free all directly within Messenger.

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