Top things people do on a PC and not a phone

This might sound like random information, but knowing what screen platform people use for tasks, can really help market targeting. For example, if you target a web designer, you’ll want ads that run on a PC, not a phone. The designer might see it on their phone, but to have an impulse buy, and to have a better chance they won’t forget the ad, you’ll need to target a real computer. This will work for phones as well. If you are selling an app for example, you’ll want to target phones for the same reasons. We’ll put together another blog later for things people do on Phones. For now, we are focusing on personal computer use.

These are all taken from a post I did on several popular forums. Some of these things, like online banking, more people might still do on a phone. This is just the top things people said they do on their PC and not their phones from five posts on non tech or non gamer forums. I think It would be really interesting to see this on a larger scale! We noticed taxes and personal finance were said the most. The replies were made in January 2020.

Here is the list:

Anything financial


Correspondence and excel docs

Banking and work.

Photo editing

Schoolwork, especially when you have to work in excel spreadsheets and SQL.

I only do FB and texting from my phone



Budget spreadsheets.


Banking and paying bills

Word processing, excel, photo editing, Air BnB.

Lesson plan research, bill paying, grade entry

Everything most likely if you need glasses yo read

Job search

Most of my banking. Certain website that I purchase supplies. Games. Any spreadsheets or documents.

Mobile web view and pc/laptop web view is completely different. Not everyone’s webpage is mobile friendly yet and miss alot of content. Any research should be done off mobile. It is handy to look things up quickly but anything thurough should be done on pc/laptop.

Look at photos for editing, plan my travel on sites like Expedia, TripAdvisor, airBNB, Google maps. Research, work on spreadsheets and presentations. Create photo videos. I use my cell phone for email and texts and that’s about it. I really prefer having large monitors (I use two) for almost anything else. There really is no comparison between a smart phone screen and a large PC/laptop monitor. .

Spread sheet

way too hard to use a phone to get into all my applications and our database. Even the Outlook app doesn’t act the same on a phone or tablet as it does on a laptop / desktop. Not all the functions are available in the app. Our database is terrible online and can’t be loaded onto a phone.

government or health site where you’re required to put in personal info

I prefer to write emails on my computer vs. phone.

Anything that requires typing!


Pay bills, play games (although I play games on my phone too, but it’s not nearly the same), Skype


Write a letter or prepare a resume

Making any kind of Microsoft Office documents. Writing emails if longer than a couple sentences. Typing long detailed things on a phone takes forever.

Anything I want done easily and thoroughly.

Mobile devices simply don’t offer a full computing power and everything takes longer.

credit report

Spread sheets


Pay bills

Print coupons

Create or update my resume

Data processing

Almost everything. I hate doing internet things on my phone.

Photoshop, data analytics, remote connection for work.


If my laptop can do it then my phone can.

Adobe premiere pro. Enter a bunch of coupon codes and research more codes to spam online checkouts.

Connect to VPN work server

Read a book: Phone screen is too small. Edit docs. Write formal mail/email. Banking. Etc etc etc.

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