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Website traffic is a positive indicator of your business growth. If you want to improve your rank and search engine credibility you have to generate traffic to your website. Not merely traffic but quality traffic that turns your leads into sales. Most of the website traffic providers are offering free traffic but that traffic can be named as cold traffic because it is unable to improve your analytics. So before paying substantial amount of money you must know whether the website traffic provider is providing real visitors or just bots and fake visitors.

After a lot of research we have come up with a new website traffic provider “Simple Traffic” that is in the spotlight for providing real traffic to the websites at a very low cost. In this review, we will highlight it’s working strategy, specifications and pricing plans for you.

What is simple traffic?

Simple traffic is a new website traffic provider that provides quality traffic to your website via a visitor forwarding software. It actually divert the traffic from the hefty domains that are owned or rented by simple traffic. Unlike bots and fake visitors it offer real website visitors that turns the leads into sales.


Advantages of quality traffic

Following are the benefits of engaging the quality traffic for your website or blog:

·         Generate sales

The worst thing about the cold traffic, bots and fake visitors is that they are unable to convert leads into sales. They are not a source of benefit for the website owner whereas real visitors are a source of generating great revenue.

·         Additional clicks

Unlike fake visitors, the real visitors will navigate your website and click on the respected links of their interest. You can receive more clicks with real traffic.

·         Improve Google ranking

The real traffic will increase your search engine ranking that will generate organic traffic as well. Not only this, but it will also boost your Google analytics resulting into repeated profit.

Creators of Simple Traffic

The information about the creators offer certain degree of transparency. We have searched their official website to find information about the team behind Simple traffic but we are unable to find anything. Though we can’t underestimate it’s tremendous performance just because of the creators information. Though you can contact their team on official website in case of any query.

What is it’s working strategy?

Simple traffic owns vast group of domains and website. Real visitors are diverted from social media and link building campaigns. These visitors are then directed to your website by the help of visitor forwarding software. The visitors are provided according to your targeted demographics. It all happens in a split second and your leads are converted to sales.

Though it requires “trial and error” to covert the cold traffic. The conversion rate is actually based on your ability and content of website. Different guides are available on the website to solve this issue. You have to start with one URL per subscription whereas you can change it as many times as you want. If you want to add multiple URLs, you have to buy another subscription for it.

Key Features of Simple Traffic

·         Real Traffic Generator

The best feature about this traffic provider is that it generate quality traffic for your website unlike fake traffic that is unable to generate clicks.

·         Traffic Tracker

You can track the traffic generated by simple traffic on the dashboard. You can get an insight through this smart dashboard to improve the speed of your website.

·         Targeted visitors

Simple traffic will forward you the visitors from targeted browser and countries. You can get this incredible feature upon subscription without paying any extra money.



  • The traffic provided by Simple traffic is 100% real traffic.
  • It only direct the targeted visitors that help with sales.
  • Traffic will boost the Google analytics.
  • You can track the visitor on the dashboard.
  • You can promote multiple URLs by creating multiple subscription.
  • Free trial for 5 days with 2500 free visitors.
  • It offers 30 days money back guarantee.


  • It does not work with AdSense.
  • Traffic conversion rate depends upon your ability.

Pricing Plans and Free Trial

It comes with a 5 day free trial that you can cancel any time. This trial will help you get 2500 visitors i.e. 500 visitors per day. They offer low cost packages for their customers depending upon:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of URLs

You can choose any of the above packages from their official website and start a free trial accordingly. Whereas festival plan is the most popular package among the customers.

Client’s Feedback

Simple traffic is a new website traffic provider but due to its low cost packages and authentic traffic it is gaining a lot of popularity. The customers that are using it are coming up with positive reviews so far. These reviews result into 18th ranking of Simple traffic among the top SEO sites. Few customer noticed the fluctuation of views between days but they found the views to be increased on average per day.

The bottom Line

If you have just created a website and are new to affiliate marketing or advertising, Simple traffic is the best chance for you. Unlike other traffic providers Simple traffic is offering you low cost packages to direct active traffic to your website but you have to increase the conversion rate with your own ability. This real traffic will help you improve search ranking and receive more click. If you are satisfied with it’s features and pricing, then what are you waiting for?

Go start you free trial now!

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