Category: Marketing

New style start ups

We have been interviewing young entrepreneurs for almost two years now and one of the re-emerging themes in the businesses they start is dissatisfaction with the status quo. Sure, that’s pretty much true for all entrepreneurs, but this generation of...

/ December 18, 2008

Go viral with your video in 6 Steps

Videos are a great way to get business and spread the word. But if our video doesn't viral it will just collect dust. 1) Content Depending on the strategy, the content of the video may not be as difficult to...

/ December 16, 2008

35 percent of biggest companies own

A study of Fortune 500 and other companies found that one in three have bought the name, say, But corporate attitudes toward hate sites vary widely between, say, Dell and Xerox: FairWinds based its analysis on 1,058 domain names...

/ September 6, 2008