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United States most recession-proof cities

The "Keep Austin Weird" campaign must have worked, because the Texas capital is among the country's oddball cities that bucked the downturn. In fact, Texas cities starred on the new list of recession-proof metro areas, with six of 21 spots,...

/ July 1, 2010

Four Green Trends in Business in 2009

Radical transparency goes mainstream: The information age and the environmental movement have actually collided. Tons of information is available about products, including the materials and ingredients used. Websites like have a mobile application for shoppers on the move. More...

/ February 12, 2010

Helpful business websites

Government Business.GOV Offers federal, state and local regulatory information as well as online legal resources for small business owners. FedBizOpps Posts all federal procurement opportunities above $25,000. Marketing Spot An active cut to the chase website on Internet Marketing and...

/ February 12, 2010

Marketing Spot gets more funding

Marketing Spot now has more money for purchasing websites to add to our network. If you have a domain for sale for less then $5000 please contact us or post a comment here. We have recently purchased: $500

/ February 4, 2010