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Recession proof jobs

How sweet it is. Even in a recession, candy has been a luxury that many people can still afford. "Chocolate is a comfort food," says Dan Johnson, owner of Choco-Logo in Buffalo, New York, which has seen retail sales rise...

/ June 15, 2009

Bicycles outsold cars in the first quarter of 2009

Both automobile and bicycle purchases fell overall in the first quarter of 2009, but in a surprising twist, bike sales trumped car sales (2.6 million bicycles vs. 2.5 million cars). And while bike sales are down 30% overall from the...

/ May 28, 2009

College student income 2009

As new technologies come out so does the new use of money and what it's spent on. This recent chart shows what the average college student spends over four years at a university. Read More

/ May 17, 2009

New word press template!

Since we where breaking some of our own rules by using a black background we decided to show a better example. The theme is simpler and shows the links, categories, ect all on the main page. It also has a...

/ July 2, 2008