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Some do’s and don’ts about job hunting

You're sitting at your desk, staring at your Dilbert calendar, loathing everything from your company-distributed coffee mug to your co-worker, Earl, who is swirling his pencil in the crevices of his ear. "Time to blow this popsicle stand," you think....

/ April 23, 2011

20 avoidable job search mistakes

The phrase "shoot yourself in the foot" didn't create itself. In fact, job seekers probably coined it. Every day, thousands of people look for a job -- and almost every single one of them makes at lease one mistake (or...

/ January 28, 2011

The 20 Best Job Search Web Sites

As we all know by now, unemployment numbers are sky high and companies are laying people off like it's 2001 again. However, there is a silver lining for those looking for new employment: there are more resources than ever to...

/ March 22, 2009