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SEO vs. PPC: SEM Showdown

Among digital marketing folk, there is a perpetual disagreement over which is the most powerful method of search engine marketing. Some say you can’t beat a high ranking in the organic results, were as others prefer the data-driven control offered...

/ July 19, 2019

Google Adwords – Still champion

As of 2014 about 90% of customers use only 10% of all search engines. In that small elite group of search engine leaders is Google. Google manages to get about 70 billions searches a second. Imagine if you could grab...

/ March 30, 2015

Ad Network

An online ad network or just network is a company that connects advertisers with websites that want to have ads on them. For example a banner of your business for envelopes might go well on a shipping companies website. In...

/ July 24, 2014