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How to build a website for less than $5 a month

Nope. That website title is not a lie. You really can build a website for less than $5 per month, and all you need is a company like Web Host Pro. Let us explain! The web hosting package here at...

/ September 13, 2017

Godaddy hacked by Anonymous

Today with a stunning turn of events the internet underground hacker group has taken down Godaddy to make a point to the world of their corruption and inhumane leadership. If you are part of the upset customers that wasn't aware...

/ September 10, 2012

Web Hosting

Brought to you by DWHS Web Hosting All Web hosts ultimately provide the same service. An individual or a business places a page on the host's server and people all over the world can access that page from their Web...

/ June 15, 2009