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To be really effective you must humanize your brand


I found this quote online somewhere and thought I would investigate it a little. I have to admit, sometimes I really do want to buy from companies I feel connected too or just appreciate (feel good about). Food especially, also wine, entertainment, products. For example I love to buy my watches ... Read More »

Importance of chip and pin payments for your business


As a merchant you need to be able to take payments. What gets overlooked sometimes is the convenience for the customer. If you only take Paypal for example some people in smaller countries might not be able to pay. It’s similar with the chip and pin system you use. Some are ... Read More »

The basics of SEO video


Checkout this new video on SEO basics. No matter how skilled you are or if you just learned what SEO is today this video will guide you through the fundamentals. Read More »

Is the Yahoo directory worth it?


In October 2002, the Yahoo! portal changed the way it delivers search results. In the past, the most prominent results were exclusively culled from websites listed in the Yahoo directory itself. Since October, sites listed in the Yahoo directory no longer enjoy this privileged status. The Google search engine now ... Read More »