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8 work from home jobs for the new age


It’s 2016, can you believe it?! I can’t. More so, I can’t believe I have been working on the Internet for 20 years! That’s more than most employees at tech businesses age. I still feel great and love what I do. A big part of what pushed me from wine making to ... Read More »

Tips on making a good business logo


Making a logo can seem so simple yet cause the worst headaches. When you start to see other logos that have been used over the years even with as simple as they might look you can tell a lot of though went into to each one. There is a artist approach to ... Read More »

7 ways to start marketing


1) List your website in Trade Directories and Send you PROOF of listing. 2) Write NEW, innovative and unique ARTICLE on your website, business or company. 3) Create Press-Release and Media Items. 4) Create Social Media Accounts. 5) Create and Market a VIDEO on your company on Youtube and Video ... Read More »