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Call to action


In recent years the “call to action” has become the viral super star of Internet marketing tips. Everyone is so excited about the call to action. The truth is, we should be excited, stats are showing 60-70% increases in sales just from a clear and concise call to action. Basically just ... Read More »

What Exactly Does a Software Consultant Do?


Basically a software consultant is a professional who is tasked with the job of assessing a business or organization’s processes and has to provide software solutions, as well as other recommendations, based on the assessment that they have made. These functions can be performed by the professional either as a ... Read More »

10 crowdfunding tips you need to know.


Crowdfunding has helped companies and people raise millions of dollars. It’s now more than 3% of all business funding. It’s pretty amazing when you think that it didn’t exist hardly 10 years ago. If you are going to crowdfund something you need to know the basics. I put together 10 ... Read More »