Not over-selling


It’s hard to not over-sell, especially when you have a website. I mean you can’t talk to the customer so all you have is the information they read. Of course you want to include all the great things about your service or product. The issue with this is that we tend to stray from what […]

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Getting started in business


Here is 5 points to throw around when getting started with a new business. 1. The first year will be hard. The first year has by far the most room for failure. It defines your path and helps you figure out what it will be like to run this business. There usually more paper work, struggles, and […]

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Apartment Locator business


An apartment locator service can provide a website or directly help people to find a new place to rent. It’s main function is to help people find apartments in their local area. Startup Fees: $50 – $10,000 Hours wk: 5-40 Finding a new home or apartment to rent can be very difficult when you do not know […]

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