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FreshMail email marketing software


We found this awesome email marketing software today. If you have not heard about FreshMail you have to check it out for all your email marketing needs. With lots of clean modern templates to choose from and an easy to use interface you can’t go wrong. No more trying to ... Read More »

10 tips if you work from home.


Over the last 20 years about 80% of my work is done from home. I love it, you control your own hours and don’t have a boss! if only it was always that great though, here is 10 tips I have picked up on that might help you work from ... Read More »

Building an Awesome Business Directory


What is a business directory? Simply put- a list of businesses used by people who are interested in finding potential businesses that meet their needs. There are a lot of directories out there but how many of them can boast that they are awesome? To be that, you need to ... Read More »

Google Adwords – Still champion


As of 2014 about 90% of customers use only 10% of all search engines. In that small elite group of search engine leaders is Google. Google manages to get about 70 billions searches a second. Imagine if you could grab just 1 second of traffic and than you can start ... Read More »

VCs are more than money


When you think of Venture Capitalists you tend to think of money people. A loan based on your profits or even part of your business. It’s a common misconception to think only money is what makes Venture Capitalists important. Here are things you should consider on top of getting money from a ... Read More »