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Internet marketing has drastically changed since 1998 when we first started as webmasters finding ways to make money and get popular. I can’t believe it’s over twenty years later and we are still doing it! Somehow we are still ranking at the top of big keywords and finding quality organic traffic, even with thousands of competitors breathing down our backs.

Back in 1998 the goal was always to get a big website to send you traffic. Search engines like Alto Vista were in charge and could decide who was popular and who wasn’t. Google was just starting out and webmasters got really excited with the natural algorithm it was designing. With Google it was a game for who was the best fit, not just who was willing to spend more money or happen to know the right people.

At first it was all about getting links from sites that ranked high for your industry. We were working with marketing and web hosting services, so we targeted webmaster helping websites. At the time, there was huge websites that webmasters flocked to for help. Getting a link from these huge webmaster websites with your keywords in the link, would have a huge effect on your ranking. People even chose domain names with their keywords so the links would include the terms. It was almost that simple. Get links from big websites in your industry with the keywords in the links.

Now twenty years later, Internet marketing is a jungle. There is more talent and more complicated tricks to make it work. Google is changing often to block the clever people that try to trick it. You really have to stay sharp and evolve. Yet still stick to the core Internet Marketing strengths that worked for decades. like natural links and creating good content. Social networking now helps, but don’t count on it for SEO. Videos are becoming more popular than Google search! If you are not making videos, you will be missing out on what’s next in marketing. Or some might say, what is already happening. Email is really tricky now, as SPAM and privacy is a huge issue. I’m amazed how many US companies still try to get away with SPAM. I can assure you, It will never end well.

This site has a lot of content to help and promote our fellow webmasters, and mostly it has Internet marketing help that we use and has been successful to at least some extent. Keep in mind the game now is rarely about a long bomb (or a couple big links) with Internet Marketing. We see it more as a lot of days adding little bits of quality additions to your marketing arsenal. Improving your blogs, making videos, getting natural links, and building real email lists. Little by little you will get results. So start now so with time you’ll build a smart and effective Internet marketing system that can be free or much much less than paying for ads.

Digital Advertising Growth Rate

Digital Advertising Growth Rate